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For some reason Carter Labbers seem to dress alike! We must be subconsciously influencing each other! This page is a shrine to those Carter Lab twins.

Donna Roscoe '21 and Lynn Fu '22 during January Interterm 2020. They said they didn't plan it, but these outfits are completely coordinated!

Donna Roscoe '21 and Andrea Boskovic '21 as DNA molecules at the BPS meeting in February in 2020. These two twins have a tagname... "DnBei".

I am not sure if Kyle Jones '21 and Jasper Flint '21 are twins, but both are bad at applying sunscreen at the BPS 2020 February meeting in San Diego.

Ashwin Balaji '19 and Kyle Jones '21 show up to Moumita's goodbye party wearing the same shirt!

Two sets of twins! Ashwin Balaji '19 and Kyle Jones '21 look alike, and Hilary Bediako '19 and Obinna Ukogu '18 look alike!

Professors Sheila Jaswal and Pat O'Hara are even getting in on the act!

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